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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- March 1, 1999 -- PowerLogix today announced the shipment of new models of the award-winning line of PowerForce G3 processor upgrades. Following IBM’s announcement today of their 466 MHz PowerPC 750 (G3) chip, the PowerForce G3 ZIF 466 is now the fastest processor available for Power Macintosh.

"The performance of the 466 G3 is truly amazing. It doubles the clock speed, the cache speed, and the cache size of the original PowerMac G3 233. It's no wonder our first production run sold out immediately," said Robert Jagitsch, President of PowerLogix.

"The [PowerForce G3 ZIF 466] was 150% faster than a dual Pentium II 450 in certain PhotoShop applications," said Mike Breeden of "The 466 performed a suite of Photoshop tasks 100% faster than an original PowerMac G3 233." This makes the 466 the premier processor for graphics professionals.

"As expected, performance was record setting in every category. Apple G3 owners can now drop in an upgrade that will make their machines faster than any Macintosh ever made." Mike Breeden, Accelerate Your Mac

"For just a few hundred dollars more than the fastest Apple G3 system, you can gain 500 MacBench points. Artists, developers, and die hard gamers who want the most speed possible at this point will not be let down with the PowerLogix PowerForce ZIF G3/466 -- it doesn't get any faster than this," raves Jeff Keller in his review for Macintouch.

Full reviews of production models of PowerForce G3 466 are available now at and

The PowerForce G3 ZIF 466 includes 1 Mb of backside cache rated at 233MHz. Compatible with all PowerMac G3s, including the new "Blue & White" G3s as well as the G3 "All-in-One", the G3 466 brings Macintosh performance to levels unavailable from Apple or any other vendor.

The PowerForce G3 ZIF 466 operates with a variable bus ratio so it will work flawlessly in original ("beige") PowerMac G3s with 66 MHz, or in the new "Blue & White" G3s with 100 MHz bus. Because of the high speed of the backside cache, there is no appreciable performance difference between a 466 ZIF installed in a beige G3 or in a B&W G3. This makes the 466 a
great value for owners of beige G3s.

The PowerForce G3 ZIF 466 will operate at 466 MHz in beige G3s. Due to the architecure of the B&W G3, it will operate at either 450 or 500 MHz in those machines.

For owners of beige G3s with investments in RAM and other peripherals, it is more economical to upgrade with a processor than purchase a new G3. PowerLogix offers upgrades to these machines in speeds of 333, 366, 400, and now 466 MHz.

Configurations, Performance and Pricing

PowerForce G3 ZIF 333/222/1Mb $689
PowerForce G3 ZIF 366/183/1Mb $679
PowerForce G3 ZIF 400/200/1Mb $899
PowerForce G3 ZIF 466/233/1Mb $1399

All PowerForce G3 ZIF models are shipping but the 466 model will be limited in availability for the first month.

About PowerLogix
PowerLogix manufactures innovative products like the PowerForce, iForce and BlueChip processor upgrades for maximum performance from second generation and newer Apple Power Macs and clones. For more information, contact PowerLogix, 8701 W. Parmer Lane, Suite 1120, Austin, Texas 78729, 512-401-9902, Fax: 512-401-9943,, Other World Computing, 1004 Courtaulds Drive, Woodstock, IL 60098, 800-275-4576, Fax: 815-338-4332,


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