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AUSTIN --May 8, 2003 -- Industry leader PowerLogix today announced the iForce SL, the first CPU upgrade for second-generation iMacs. Utilizing the IBM 750FX processor, the iForce SL operates at 900 MHz and includes 512K of L2 cache also running at 900 MHz. This provides a speedup of nearly 3x depending on which model is upgraded. The upgrade is compatible with eight different iMac models which originally ran at 350 to 500 MHz using a 750 G3 CPU and 512K of L2. (iForce SL is not compatible with slot loading 500 MHz, 600 MHz, and 700 MHz models which shipped with the 750CX processor with 256K of L2.) The compatible model list includes:

iMac Model Drive Type Intro Date Color
350MHz Slot Loading CD-ROM Oct. 1999 Blueberry
DV 400MHz Slot Loading DVD-ROM Oct. 1999 Blueberry, Strawberry, Tangerine, Lime, Grape
DV Special Edition 400MHz Slot Loading DVD-ROM Oct. 1999 Graphite
350MHz Slot loading CD-ROM August 2000 Indigo
DV 400MHz Slot Loading CD-ROM August 2000 Indigo, Ruby
DV+ 450MHz Slot Loading CD-ROM August 2000 Indigo, Ruby, Sage
DV Special Edition 500MHz Slot Loading DVD-ROM August 2000 Snow, Graphite
400MHz Slot Loading CD-ROM February 2001 Indigo

The iForce SL requires that the the original CPU be removed, and replaced with the IBM 750FX CPU. The product includes a Powerlogix-designed, custom interposer board that maps the pinout of the original G3 to the revised pinout of the IBM 750FX.

Customers who wish to have their iMac upgraded with the iForce SL send the motherboard to PowerLogix. The motherboard is verified and tested prior to the chip swap, and retested prior to shipment back to the customer.

Complete step by step instructions are available on the web, and a QuickTime movie is also available. This enables customers to easily disassemble their iMac for shipment. A shipping package for the motherboard is sent direct to the customer after order placement. Fedex freight is included in the price for domestic customers. International pricing varies according to customer location.

The iForce SL upgrade is warranted for one year, and is fully compatible with all software and hardware, including OS X.

Availability: Now available for ordering on the PowerLogix website.

Pricing: Retail price on the iForce SL 900 is $349 for customers in the United States. Price includes Fedex shipping both ways. International pricing is $349 plus an additional freight charge depending on customer location.


About PowerLogix
PowerLogix manufactures innovative products like the PowerForce, iForce and BlueChip processor upgrades for maximum performance from second generation and newer Apple Power Macs and clones. For more information, contact PowerLogix, 8701 W. Parmer Lane, Suite 1120, Austin, Texas 78729, 512-401-9902, Fax: 512-401-9943,,



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