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AUSTIN - June 30, 2004: PowerLogix, the leader in Power Mac performance upgrades, announces lower pricing on G4 upgrades and the fastest processor ever designed for PowerMac G3 Beige and "Blue and White" computers. Priced at only $349.00 and operating at 1.1 GHz, the all new PowerForce G3 ZIF offers up to fives times the original clock speed of original G3 Power Mac computers. The PowerForce G3 ZIF 1.1 GHz is now shipping. The card is compatible with OS 9 and OS X.   Prices have also been reduced across the board on PowerLogix G4 CPU upgrades. Models are available in both single and dual CPU configurations and based on the most advanced G4 microprocessor, the PowerPC 7457. The PowerPC 7457 offers twice the Level 2 cache and generates 40% less heat than previous G4 processors - a perfect match for all G4 PowerMac models from AGP to QuickSilver 2002.

New pricing is as follows:   Single Processor PowerForce G4 for PowerMac G4 AGP and Gigabit Ethernet:   1.2 GHz formerly $439, now $399 1.4 GHz formerly $539, now $439 Single Processor PowerForce G4 for PowerMac G4 Cube:   1.2 GHz formerly $439, now $399 1.35 GHz formerly $539, now $499   Dual Processor PowerForce G4 for PowerMac G4 (all models except PCI Graphics)   Dual 1.3 GHz formerly $899 now $749   Easy to install and available now, the PowerForce G4 and PowerForce ZIF combine expert engineering with the best "price to performance" ratio in the industry.   The first manufacturer to offer high speed G4 upgrades, PowerLogix is the exclusive supplier of 7457 G4-based CPUs for Power Macs. PowerLogix processors are fully compatible with the latest version of OS X 10.3.x "Panther."   All products are available direct from PowerLogix and authorized resellers. For more information, visit   About PowerLogix   First to market in every significant Macintosh CPU upgrade product the past five years, PowerLogix designs and manufactures innovative products for maximum performance from second generation and newer Apple Power Mac computers and clones.   For more information, contact PowerLogix, 8701 W. Parmer Lane, Suite 1120, Austin, Texas 78729, 512-401-9902, Fax: 512-401-9943 or visit the website at




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