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AUSTIN --April 5, 2004 -- PowerLogix today announced two new CPU upgrade models, continuing its leadership position in the marketplace. Both products offer the fastest clock speeds for their respective platforms.

Based on the new IBM PowerPC 750 GX CPU, these user-installed upgrades deliver clock speeds up to 1.0 GHz with a full megabyte of cache also running at 1.0 GHz. These upgrades significantly extend the useful life of these computers at a very competitive price.

The low-power IBM PowerPC 750 GX is similar to the 750 FX chip of which PowerLogix has been the sole supplier since February of 2003. However the GX has twice the L2 cache of the FX, and is available in faster clock speeds. (The FX based upgrades are are also still available.)

The first product using this chip is Blue Chip G3 Pismo running at 1.0 GHz. The Blue Chip is compatible with all Pismo PowerBooks, and is two to 2.5 times faster than the clock speed of a stock Pismo. The L2 cache is also five times faster, ensuring the highest possible performance.

The Blue Chip G3 Pismo with the 1.0 GHz 750 GX also operates very cool, due to the lower power characteristics of this chip. The CPU speed is adjustable on the fly to a lower clock speed, for additional battery life. Tests show an additional 30 minutes on a full charge can be expected (all other factors equal except clock speed.)

The second product also using the 750 GX is the PowerForce G3 ZIF running at 1.0 GHz. This model is compatible with the PowerMac G3 Beige, Blue and White, and original PCI PowerMac G4, and offers up to four times the performance of the original PowerMac.

The very economical price will be sure to please many owners of these machines who have been desiring faster CPU performance for some time.

Availability: The PowerForce G3 1.0 GHz ZIF and Blue Chip G3 1.0 GHz Pismo are available now. Supplies will be limited initially due to IBM ramping GX production.

Pricing: Blue Chip G3 1.0 GHz Pismo, $399; PowerForce G3 1.0 GHz ZIF, $349.


About PowerLogix
PowerLogix designs and manufactures innovative performance products like the PowerForce, BlueChip processor upgrades for Apple Power Macs. For more information, contact PowerLogix, 8701 W. Parmer Lane, Suite 1120, Austin, Texas 78729, 512-401-9902, Fax: 512-401-9943,,




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