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PowerLogix and OWC Now Shipping Black, White, and Clear PowerCube
Enclosures for PowerMac G4 Cube Models

SAN FRANCISCO – January 11, 2005 – PowerLogix and Other World Computing (OWC) today announced they have begun shipping new colors of the acrylic PowerCube enclosures for Power Macintosh G4 “Cube” computer models. The new enclosures are immediately available for $139.00 through OWC, the exclusive distributor of PowerLogix products.

In addition to the original clear model, the acrylic PowerCube enclosure is now updated and available in white (to match Apple's use of the white iPod mouse and keyboard) and glossy black.
“The acrylic PowerCube offers several improvements over the original Cube enclosure,” said Larry O’Connor, president of OWC. “Cube owners can now experience significantly enhanced CPU and graphics performance without the risk of additional heat, which is a common problem when upgrading original Cubes.”

The PowerCube is manufactured using the highest quality cast acrylic, which is flame-polished and then hand-assembled. The acrylic PowerCube sports a G5-style touch with a perforated top grille made of anodized aluminum.

The PowerCube offers superior cooling over the original Cube. With the PowerCube, the computer can now be safely upgraded with the fastest available processors in combination with latest model high-performance video cards. A special bracket and cable is included to relocate the Cube's heat-sensitive VRM card into the airflow. With the PowerCube it is also now possible to install a recent video card into the Cube and get additional cooling for less than the cost of hard-to-find and expensive GeForce video cards.

“The PowerCube measures 8.5-inches x 8.5-inches, as opposed to the original Cube 8x8,” O’Connor said. “This minor footprint increase is barely noticed on the desktop, but makes a world of difference in airflow regulation and cooling.”

The PowerCube is compatible with all versions of the original PowerMac Cube. Each color model includes the acrylic enclosure, aluminum anodized grille, the DC/DC card relocation bracket and cable, and all mounting hardware. For more information, please email

About PowerLogix
First to market in every significant Macintosh CPU upgrade product during the past five years, PowerLogix designs and manufactures innovative products for maximum performance from second generation and newer Apple Power Mac computers and clones. For more information, contact PowerLogix at 8701 W. Parmer Lane #1120, Austin, Texas 78729; 512-401-9902; or visit its Web site at

About Other World Computing
Other World Computing ( has been providing quality hardware products and support to the Macintosh universe since 1988. The Illinois-based company operates the popular Web site, which features one of the largest online catalogs of enhancement products, including OWC’s own Mercury acceleration and FireWire product lines. Along with its proprietary XPostFacto, which allows select pre-G3 computers to run Mac OS X, OWC is an Apple Certified Developer, and provides extensive technical support for Macintosh users around the world. OWC also owns and operates, a national Internet Service Provider designed specifically for Macintosh users, as well as OWC.Net, an ISP that provides Internet access, design and hosting solutions in the greater Chicago area.
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